Rebuild & Reconnect With Your Body, Mind & Spirit In Just 21 Days With The Fall In Love With Fitness Online Challenge!

Rebuild & Reconnect With Your Body, Mind & Spirit In Just 21 Days With The Fall In Love With Fitness Online Challenge!

Get ready to build, sculpt, & tone your entire body with this total body fat blasting program.


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 Guided Workouts. Nutritional Guidance & Meal Plans. Accountability. Mindset Coaching. 
A Supportive Community & More.

 Guided Workouts. Nutritional Guidance & Meal Plans. Accountability. Mindset Coaching. Supportive Community & More.

Struggling With Motivation To Get Fit & Feel Happier With Your Body AND Mind? 

In This Challenge, You Have FOUND IT!
Whether you’re a self-proclaimed couch potato, a gym rat, or somewhere in between… We have ALL been there:  For WHATEVER reason, you want to see a transformation in how you look and feel BUT…

You can’t find the (1) motivation to start, (2) the accountability to stick at it, and (3) the community to sustain it long-term.  

In my 21-Day Fall In Love With Fitness Online Challenge, that ALL changes!

#1: The Motivation To Start

I’ve condensed my expert coaching (and proven results) into a 21 Day, fast-paced, fun, friendly, & easily accessible training program! (Yep, in just 21 days you'll be loving how you look & feel.) 

Train on your own time from anywhere. Home, gym or outdoors; you decide what's BEST FOR YOU. All workouts are conveniently accessible right from your smart phone, tablet or computer. 

#2: Accountability To Stick to It

Accountability is the MISSING ingredient of most fitness journeys. You need personalized, expert support every step of the way surrounding ALL PARTS of your transformation. 

I call it TRIPLE F.I.T:

1. Focused In Thoughts
2. Focused In Training
3. Focused In Transformation

In the 21-Day Fall In Love With Fitness Challenge, you'll Receive: 

  •  Exclusive Access To Fully Guided TOTAL BODY FAT BLASTING, SCULPTING, TONING, Online Videos & training schedule to follow. Complete with modifications to accommodate your fitness level (beginner all the way to advanced!) 
  • Simple to follow meal plans and nutritional guidance with variety to suit your dietary needs: Carnivore, Pescatarian, Vegan, or Vegetarian.
  • Check-ins with ALL THREE F.I.T’s with me, Ms. Gina via group chat & weekly live zoom group accountability call.
  • ​Affirmations and Daily Devotions to empower you with a positive, healthy, winning mindset to help you overcome ANYTHING. 

#3: The Community... sustain it long-term! Starting any new fitness journey or challenge is an EXTREMELY personal thing.  But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

 Getting fitter through friendships is one of the most rewarding things you can do BOTH physically and emotionally. It also increases your chances of sustaining your transformation long-term. During the 21 Days, you'll receive : 
  • 24/7 access to a Private Group Chat & Online Community! 
Everyday you'll have accountability, support, & motivation, from our amazing challenge community & myself. Having support is crucial for your transformation our team will be there to help you stay COMMITTED. Not only will you thrive; but you'll build bonds that will last a lifetime.

Look At These Amazing Transformations:

Hear From Women Who Have Completed The Challenge:

Get Fit Through Personal Empowerment

Meet your coach-
Hi, I’m Gina!

I’m a fitness coach, CPT, Certified Yoga Teacher & Mindful Meditation Coach. My passion is helping women become the best versions of themselves!  I’ve achieved that goal with hundreds of women so far:

I have my Online Fitness Challenges (like this ONE!), Pop Events, and Live Virtual Trainings. Plus, I’m the sole creator and designer of my own HIIT Group, Personal, and On-site training programs locally in Miami, as well as, the CEO of FWG Activewear; my line of Luxe Activewear & Fitness Essentials.

I’m also a Mom of two that knows the importance of finding balance. I've realized many women allow their health to slip out of focus while trying to juggle family, careers, and relationships. 

That’s why I create easily accessible, fun, results-driven programs like this! They’re the perfect way to experience a LOT of self-care in a little amount of time. You'll  develop the habits to kickstart a healthier, happier YOU & be motivated to keep going . 

So, what are you waiting for? 


Claim Yours Today Before It's Gone. Don't Miss Out!


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Subscribe to our email list to be the first to know when registration is open for our next challenge.

Train On Your Own Time From Anywhere

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